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When I returned to the project later, I wanted to add some small changes related to creating a new hunt and the text display to make sure the user understands that they could always return to the hunt later to finish set up and invite more people, because that is important because if they get a couple of steps in and back out and all is lost (or they think all is lost) then their likelihood of returning decreases. Explicit language during set up as well as on the "my hunt screen" showing that you have a draft - an incomplete hunt set up - is a necessary addition. This also called for the addition of giving the user an option, when clicking "Create New Hunt", to select any existing drafts to complete, or to just create from scratch. 

Also, invite pending language was needed as well.

and the ability to archive hunts that you were invited to but discarded. 

After user testing, iterating, gathering feedback, and more iterating, the latest mockups of Scaventure are below. An important aspect from the beginning was to make it easy for people to create a scavenger hunt and invite people. I initially provided the ability to both create "teams" as well as hunts - but this seemed to complicate things and proved to be unnecessary. 


It was challenging at times but I had a lot of fun with this project. I learned a ton and embraced the idea of having an unbiased response to people's feedback, as well as making a point to be objective every time I iterated and tested. I also noted that it takes careful consideration to pose questions in a neutral way that doesn't create any inorganic or non-candid responses, and this is a very important takeaway for me. 

Some specific challenges were related to conducting usability tests. I had a plan that involved recording audio and the participant's screen while on a video call, but I ended up using headphones, so the participants audio was not recorded. I also was screen recording the wrong monitor. These mistakes were a little frustrating but were important because now I know that a practice run is essential to avoid mistakes. 

Aside from the technical difficulties, taking notes and gathering feedback from people still went well during testing and interviews, and I found that I really enjoy hearing people's thoughts and then making revisions. 

While am happpy with the outcome of Scaventure, there are some small aspects I want to develop further. In the onboarding process, I think it would be good to provide more specific information about the ways you can join / get someone to join a hunt by using the hunt codes that are auto-generated for each hunt. 

I also would improve the text content for hunt screens when it comes to starting the hunt now vs setting a time in advance to have it start in the future. 

Lastly, I would create an option to add admins to the hunt so users can restrict who can and can't make changes. 

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