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Delivery Driver App: Coming soon

This is an app that I designed while in college when I delivered food. I designed and planned and even go tinto the Founder Institute and was going to try to launch Patch as a product and business. Didn't do it though. 

I used to make it, and this was my first taste of UX design, before I even realy knew about the world of user experience design. I really loved the process of making the prototype. As time went on and I revisited it and realized it was much more challenging now that I've learned how to improve it. SO i;ve been

Home – 8.png
Home – 12.png
Live Orders – 5.png

Competitive analysis:

To begin, I looked at what existed in the app store and beyond. Because I wanted the app to integrate into restaurant point of sale (POS) systems, I also researched POS providers to see what features they offered and at what price.


A few of the products/providers I looked into included A,B,C. There was a gap to be filled in providing an app that employees and managers can assign a driver multiple orders, and then the driver could simply open the app, hit go, and be off on his routes within google maps integration. The other useful feature was being able to call the customer right from the GPS screen. This saved time because in my experience, I would typically pull up to the house, shuffle to find and be able to view the receipt, turn a light on, pick up my phone, and type the phone number in to let the customer know I was there and so I could be aware of any special instructions. Sometimes, I admit (regretfully), that as I drove down the street approaching the address, I would have my light on and be reading the receipt and typing the number into my phone, while driving, just so I could get that call in before I was there because believe me, it made a difference and seemed worth it to do that, because sometimes the customer wouldn't answer right away, would take a while to come out even after calling, or failed to mention that you were supposed to go around back, up some stairs and down some stairs and then onto the roof and then go down a hatch to get to their door. SO being able to tap call when you are a minute away was a great feature. 

cervion logo.png
habrortouch logo.png
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User flows

Hand-drawn sketches:

I began with some sketches to generate and think out ideas related to what should be on the home screen, how to display the multiple addresses on a map, how to re-order the tickets, as well as the in-map actions such as call customer, and add orders

First mockups and prototype:

I knew it would be a challenge to execute certain actions, so I wanted to get working on a digital prototype right away. I used to quickly make a clickable prototype that people could use on their phone just from a link so that I could go out and talk to people and have them try the prototype on their phone. 

v1 mochups in phone series.png

More about this project"

Since I began this project with the primary goal of launching it into a product and business, I focused a lot on what the business model would look like, how I would figure out which prospects were the ideal targets, and what the pitch to them would be. 

When I revisited this app, I decided to spend some time creating variations within the UI, including the buttons, icons, and navigation bar. I went through a lot of ideas, which was a rewarding process because I embraced the idea of duplicating things and quickly making many variations of color choices, icon choices, and image choices.

Since this is a project and product close to my heart and that I enjoyed, I am present, building upon it and the next steps I would like to take involves developing personas, user flows, information architecture, doing user testing, and gathering explicit product feedback from people that deliver food, as well as refining the newest prototype made in InVision. 

When I was initially working on this, I was focused on discovering whether or not the product was viable so I was focused on getting insight and feedback from restaurant owners, manager, and delivery drivers themselves, but more from the point of view of "would you use this" while trying to find out what they pay for their POS systems, what features they do have, and ultimately, how much would the be willing to pay to add this into the mix of tech they were using now. I didn't focus as much on usability and the UX, which is why the next steps would include doing more extensive interviews and usability tests with delivery drivers. 

Latest Prototype

Create Hunt – 3.png
Choose chat.png
My Hunts2.png
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Home – 5.png
Create Hunt – 8.png
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