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About me

My name is Anthony D'Amato and I live in Northern New Jersey. I’m a UX designer with experience in business development. 


I studied marketing and entrepreneurship as an undergrad and went on to study design thinking and 3d design before completing a UX design program.

My love of ideas and design started with using Autodesk programs in high school. This path continued in college, where I undertook various design projects and made both digital and physical prototypes for my own endeavors, as well as for school projects started in my University's entrepreneurship program and 3d printing lab.    


I further developed my marketing and communications skills as a business development manager at a PR agency before fully dedicating my time to UX/UI design.

I like to think of myself as having a marketing mind with design skills. I focus on the user and research to inform decisions, but also consider the big picture and business implications.


Contact Me

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More about me

In addition to design and technology, my other loves include snowboarding and longboarding, drawing, doodling, painting, 3d printing, and hockey. The gallery below shows some photos from my life, some drawings, and some 3d printed projects.

Learning philosophy

I think people should strive to be always learning about something whether it is relevant to their career or simply something that interests them.


That's why I've been continuing my education ever since I graduated from Montclair State University with my Bachelor's degree, I took a design thinking and 3d printing certificate course, then an Internet of Things Business Impact course, followed by an immersive UX/UI course. I plan to continue learning more about Human-Computer Interaction next.

Technologies and industries

Some of the products and spaces I am very interested in include consumer electronics, automotive infotainment systems, wearables and smart devices (IoT), 

I have been very drawn to infotainment for a long time now, and have sketched out numerous design ideas. I recognize an opportunity in original in-car systems, as well as aftermarket products, and see a lot of room for improvement in their UX and in their UI. With IoT capabilities, Bluetooth, and cellular, the future of infotainment is exciting to me for several reasons including the various user input options - touch screens, physical buttons, switches, voice, and gestures.

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